Traveling is for the Patient

First I would like to say sorry for not writing that much for this blog. Writing is not my strong suite and so I have been procrastinating a bit with starting it up. But this country is one of the most, if not thee greatest and most beautiful countries I have ever gotten the opportunity to visit. I will be living here for three months, and will have 12 weekends to go on adventures in different cities in the country, and maybe other countries. The first adventure, though, I experienced for studying abroad here, is the travel to actual Stirling, Scotland.

20160908_122100`I said goodbye to my two pups, Luna and Millie at 8:30 and departed off to the airport with my mother. We made it to the airport, I checked in, emptied things from my checked bag into my carry-on to reach the weight limit, and said goodbye to my mother. I thought I did well with not being emotional at all while saying goodbye to my loyal dogs and would have been also for my mother, if not for her tearing up while saying goodbye. But I said my goodbye and made it through security in record breaking time (about 5 minutes total), while making a friend with a security man who liked the stickers of pictures of me and my boyfriend on my laptop. After I made it to my gate, I decided to get a bite to eat and then waited for my plane to Newark, New Jersey. That flight was one of the easiest i have been on. Watched New Girl and Big Bang Theory while discovering travel coffee creamers are actually the worst things ever.

When I made it to Newark, I hurried to my net gate even though i have a three and a half hour layover, so I would be able to just relax until then. I have nachos as, what I though would be, my last meal in America before heading off to Scotland for three months. So fast forward to boarding time, which was fairly easy. I sat next to a cute middle aged couple who had Scottish accents and held eachother’s hands. I turned on Mama Mia on my personal TV and waited for the flight to take off. A little over half into the movie, I realize we haven’t taken off after driving over to the runway. A second later the pilot tells the passengers that due to a problem with a propeller in the wing for A.C, we have to go back to the gate, but they don’t want us to get off the plane just yet. Fast forward forty minutes, we are told that they would like us to get off the plane and take all our things with us. They said it should take an hour and a half to fix the problem, and if it took any longer, they would give us a different plane.

After a hour and a half, around 10:45, they moved the time back another hour and a half. Then they did that two more times. But, luckily I had Netflix to watch and the airlines gave all passangers vouchers to spend to get dinner while we waited. So my last meal in America ended up becoming a Uncrustable and pretzels with hummus. At 1:20. They told us that after many hours trying to fix the problem, they were just going to give us a new plane but, the plane hadn’t come in yet, so we must wait for it to land and then get cleaned up for us. During all this, though I found myself not being too upset with any of it. As my good friend told me, if you can’t change anything, then why stress out about it at all? I also feel I didn’t mind too much because deep down I was okay with not leaving America in a hurry, even though I was very excited to start my new adventure abroad.

So, at about 1:20 in the morning we started to board the new plane headed off to Glasgow, Scotland. At 1:40, half hour after we should have landed at out destination, we took off and headed over the pond. During the flight, I’d had about an hour of sleep. The rest of the time I caught up on some movies they had. Sadly, Mama Mia was not on the new plane’s listings, so I was never able to finish it. At about 1-something, we landed in beautiful and rainy, Glasgow!


When we were able to leave the plane, most of us waited in the line for customs for about an hour and twenty minutes. After the long travel though, all the time blended together and I did not really mind waiting, since I wasn’t even quite sure the shuttle I reserved would be at the airport. After getting to the man in customs and being my lovely awkward self to him, I made it to the luggage carousel. Here is the most surprising thing: it took less than a second to get my bag! was right there in front of me when I walked up. Hooray!!

So, I made my way up to the arrival area and there was more good luck! the Stirling Direct shuttle driver was there right away, shaking my hand. I then met two other students who are studying at the same university as I, Emily from Alabama, and a guy from China who I do not wish to even attempt to butcher the name. We then, after a while of waiting for the next flight to get in, met a girl from France and a girl from Germany. We all got along quite quickly and all shared our excitement of being in Scotland as we ran through the rain, with out Harry potter styled luggage carts, to the bus. We talked for a while on our way to Stirling while we were stuck in traffic and until I embarrassingly fell asleep in the middle of a conversation. When I woke, we were at my hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, Stirling.


Finally in beautiful Scotland where I could finally relax. I ended up contacting my family that I was there, tried to watch a bit of Netflix, and slept till 10:30 a.m, the next day. (as move in was 10-12 for the university) Oops!! But as was my thought for everything that happened so far, patience and going with the flow is key when it comes to traveling.


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